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                                                                                        ABOUT EZRA:


         Ezra -- An Online Journal of Translation, is a forum for poetry and translation. We hope to stimulate the under-explored arts of reading in other tongues and translating for an English audience. We aim both for new knowledge of world writers and for the creation of beautiful new works. Ezra is interested in any form, style, tone or era.

We dedicate ourselves to the spirited interplay of cultures, and to the presence of the laurel itself in the act of literary translation: to the transformative, promethean, synthesizing essence of poetry.

Ezra hopes to have more writers live and work in the space between cultural and linguistic constructs -- just as poetry lives in betweenness.

Beyond the love of languages -- their sounds and separate geniuses -- we are alert to the occasional translation that is (as Márquez said of Rabassa) better than the original. We dedicate ourselves to the successes -- mysterious and many -- that await literary translators.

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The editorial office of Ezra is located at 
Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI 02809





Editors:      Peter Thompson      Guliana D'Esopo

 Lauren Scott     Kelli Kadlick    (emeritae)


           Co-Founder:  Laura Wind                    









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